6 Of The Best Places In Liverpool Serving Scouse In Celebration Of Global Scouse Day

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Celebrate the city with a good ol’ bowl of Scouse.

For Liverpudlians, the end of February only means one thing- Scouse Day! On February 28, the day is dedicated to all things great that have come from Liverpool, including their infamous stew, Scouse. The dish is a big thing in Liverpool, with recipes being passed down for generations all with unique twists and controversial sides. Are you Team Pickled Red Cabbage or Team Beetroot? This hearty meat stew, typically using beef or lamb, is also served with slices of crusty white bread with a good slathering of butter.

Originating from the term ‘Lobscouse’, this stew was mainly consumed by sailors in the 18th century throughout Northern Europe. It then became strongly associated with the port of Liverpool and later crowned the traditional dish of the region. By the end of the 18th century, ‘lobscouse’ was shortened to ‘scouse’ and it remains a staple meal across the world for Scousers during the cold, winter months. If you’re looking to make your own, you can find a recipe (including a vegetarian or ‘blind’ Scouse) on Global Scouse Day’s website or you can order from one of these foodie spots. You can also take part in a virtual cook-along on Zoom on February 27.


LIDS (Liverpool Independent Delivery Services) are providing multiple options for you to enjoy a bowl of Scouse this Global Scouse Day, with the choice of a bespoke hamper to make your own from scratch or a pre-prepared pack to heat at home. The hamper is available for national delivery but the heat at home package is only available to those in Merseyside. The heat home Scouse features two portions of beef Scouse made by Little Shoe, as well as pickled red cabbage and one artisan loaf. There is also the option to pay it forward and donate bowls of Scouse to those in need during these difficult times. Order yours here.


Known for their Scouse served in a bread bowl, of course SKAUS would be getting on board with Global Scouse Day. The Wavertree shop, which opened in November last year, is selling pre-packed servings of their beef Scouse in store. Plus, you can purchase 1kg of Scouse along with pickled cabbage and four cans of beer by Black Lodge Brewery as part of a collaborative hamper. Choose from four different beers to accompany your Scouse, including their American pale ale, Hundred Dollar Volvo. Hampers cost £27.50 and can be ordered via Black Lodge Brewery.

3. Homebaked

Homebaked, a community-owned bakery, opposite Liverpool Football Club and famous for it’s award winning pies are stocking their Scouse-filled pies at the Neighbourhood Cafe for you to collect. With a lot of Homebaked’s pies, they encompass a lot of Liverpudlian favourites, featuring both modern and classic flavours, such as shankly (which includes steak and bacon), vegan Scouse, mushroom and brandy, to name a few. Plus, Liverpool FC manager, Jürgen Klopp, has even had a pie named after him.

4. Ma Boyle’s

If you’re not up to cooking your own Scouse, then leave it to Ma Boyle’s. You can order a hot, freshly prepared classic Scouse or blind Scouse straight to your door. The gravy in Ma Boyle’s Scouse is rich and oozing with flavour thanks to the slow-cooked beef. You can order your Scouse from Ma Boyle’s Alehouse and Eatery via Deliveroo here. It’s not traditional but we’re also tempted to throw in some honey and sriracha chicken wings into our order too.

5. Maggie May’s

This Bold Street café is a great place to head to for a classic bowl of Scouse once they reopen. Maggie May’s serves this winter warmer, as well as a fantastic fry-up, at a bargain price and the portions are a decent size too. In September last year, Jamie Carragher even had a go at cooking Scouse at Maggie May’s.

6. Little Shoe

Another spot on Bold Street to get your Scouse fix is Little Shoe. Not only can you order your Scouse from the British restaurant and microbakery’s website, you can also order it via LIDS too. Little Shoe’s Scouse is hearty and their bread to accompany the stew is top notch. If you fancy mixing things up a little for Global Scouse Day this year, order from their selection of fresh loaves including sourdough, white or granary farmhouse, or even one of their handmade Scouse pies. And to make an occasion of it (after all it’s lockdown and this only happens once a year), why not add a divine dessert to enjoy after your Scouse? Choose from the likes of sticky toffee pudding, macarons, lemon cheesecake or a chocolate brownie.

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