You Can Get Pornstar Martini Slushies In Mini Purple Wheelie Bins At This Liverpool Bar

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You won’t want to waste one of these!

We’re all familiar with the unique colour of the wheelie bins here in Liverpool, but fancy drinking out of one? Don’t worry as these drinks aren’t the exact same ones you put all your household waste into, and we can tell you they are far from rubbish.

Garden bar, Backyard, has conjured up a miniature version of the iconic refuse bin brandishing it with a Liver bird (of course!) and is filling them with fantastically-flavoured frozen slushies. Located at Wolstenholme Square, off from Parr Street, Backyard has a number of refreshing cocktails to be enjoyed including these bin-filled slushies.

The flavours featured in these mini purple wheelie bins include strawberry (rum, strawberry, lime and sugar), margarita (tequila, Cointreau, lime and agave) and guava (gin, guava, mango, lime and sugar). Plus, there is their pornstar martini slushies- a mix of vanilla vodka, passionfruit, orange and pineapple- served with a classic shot of Prosecco to neck all in one or mix in with that frozen cocktail.

And it’s not just the slushies that are worth visiting Backyard for. Their drinks menu boasts five different types of spritz to choose from as well as some amazing house special cocktails. There’s Grandaddy Apple (a refreshing mix of apple whiskey, watermelon, apple, lemon, clove and grapefruit soda) and the aptly-named summer drink Sun Lounger (a mix of pink gin, lemon juice, elderflower liqueur, strawberry purée, apple juice and rhubarb).

To soak up all that booze, Backyard has a pretty delicious food selection that includes nachos and four different yet drool-worthy taco dishes made with homemade tortillas. Choose from honey BBQ chicken or buffalo roasted cauliflower tacos plus there is the ultimate tacos known as birria tacos on their food menu too.

Backyard offers shredded chipotle beef or slow-cooked pork birria tacos which each come served with what the bar like to call sopp and describe it as “a little pot of consommé dipping awesomeness.” Juicy and mouthwatering, we don’t blame you if you order both for yourself.

Backyard has a relaxed vibe and describes itself as “LA bar meets San Diego beer garden”. It might not have the Californian weather but it has a cute pergola-covered outdoor seating area strung with fairy lights but it makes for a perfect summertime hangout spot.

Backyard, Wolstenholme Square, L1 4JJ

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