A Drive-In Dessert Restaurant Just An Hour From Liverpool Now Exists, And It’s The Stuff Of Sweet Dreams

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A Drive-In Dessert Restaurant Just An Hour From Liverpool Now Exists, And It’s The Stuff Of Sweet Dreams

The perfect way to get your sugar fix.

If you, like me, join the small percentage of the population who just so find themselves frequently driving over to the local Tesco at 11pm in their PJs for ‘just a little treat’, you’ll be pretty chuffed to hear that those days are finally over, thanks to the opening of the UK’s first-ever drive-in dessert restaurant: Your Girl Can Bake.

A judgement-free place where guests can stuff their face with sugar until they’re green in the face, the brand new drive-in opened just a matter of weeks ago in Manchester, with 24-year-old Ikraa Riaz at the helm of the business. Becoming a foodie phenomenon in just a few short weeks, the humble bakery has seen people from all over the country driving to Manchester to test out the innovative drive-in restaurant – which boasts a super sweet menu packed full of sugary goodies.

Providing guests with a resting table that sits over both doors when the windows are down, guests can order up an absolute storm at the drive-in, with tons of dishes fitting on the genius creation for the whole car to tuck into. Think waffles drenched in chocolate, huge bowls of pick n mix, moreish cookie dough topped with a huge selection of chocolates, chocolate fondue, brownies and so much more.


For guests that aren’t blessed with a raging sweet tooth, there’s also a number of delish dishes available to try, too, including nachos, samosa chaat, the far-less chocolatey Indian dessert Falooda, and even Gulab Jamun.

Credit: Your Girl Can Bake

Learning to bake from a young age, Riaz and her team create each and every dish by hand, offering a fresh, delicious experience for sweet lovers to enjoy.

Your Girl Can Bake is open Monday-Tuesday 5pm-midnight, Thursday-Friday 5pm-midnight and Saturday-Sunday 1pm-midnight, and can be found at Capricorn House, 58-60 Higher Ardwick, Manchester, EMEA M12 6. 

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