Meet Santa Claus From The Comfort Of Your Own Home As He Goes Online This Year

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Meet Santa Claus From The Comfort Of Your Own Home As He Goes Online This Year

Santa Claus is going to sleigh his way online, and you’re invited.

There is no doubt that this year is not going to be a typical Christmas and we are going to really miss those fun activities over the festive season. Work Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve celebrations, the countdown to see the Christmas lights be switched on and plenty of fun plans with many people, with hugs or, at least, without a public health crisis. Given everything that’s going on we will have to sadly postpone those plans to 2021. But before you start to cry into your cup of mulled wine or hot chocolate (if you haven’t already), there’s one person here to brighten your day this Christmas!

Of course, we want to say goodbye to 2020, but before you do, say “hello!” or “ho, ho, ho!” to Santa Claus this Christmas. Wesanta has designed a plan for you, or any fans (big or small) of the well-known gift-giving, North Pole-dwelling chap, to meet him without having to leave your home. As much as a trip to Lapland would be great, sadly Covid-19 had other ideas, and this is the best possible opportunity to have some one-on-one time with Santa Claus.

meet santa claus online

Wesanta gives you the opportunity to meet Santa Claus personally by going online to tell him how your year has been, what you would like to ask him for Christmas or any other burning questions you may have… In short, you can share some time with him wherever you are. You already know that Santa is a very busy person and you have to notify him in advance about gifts, so choose your preferred date and time when you would like to receive them and he’ll do his utmost to make space in his jam-packed schedule. Think carefully about what you are going to say to him and sign up for your Christmas date here, then Santa will videocall you on the day you have arranged.

Making people happy is Santa’s favourite thing to do, so he’s very much looking forward to seeing you. You will have 10 minutes to meet Santa Claus online and discover if you have received (or deserved) all the Christmas gifts you asked for this 2020. All you need is an internet connection (don’t worry, fibre-optic hasn’t made it to the North Pole yet) and your Christmas list in hand, then you can virtually meet the man himself! Say goodbye to the year with Santa Claus and enjoy this plan reserved for Christmas lovers, and especially children.

🎅🏻 Book your slot with Santa here and find out if you’ve been naughty or nice. 🎅

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