Two Vaccines Will Be Needed To Visit Nightclubs From September, Government Says

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Two Vaccines Will Be Needed To Visit Nightclubs From September, Government Says

Full vaccination will be a requirement for clubbers soon.

Nightclubs in Liverpool have just joyously reopened after nearly a year and a half of closure, but come September, visitors will be subject to some new rules. In a public address yesterday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed that the government plans to make full vaccination a “condition of entry to nightclubs” and other large-scale venues, meaning that by the end of September, you’ll need two jabs to hit the clubs.

At that stage, all over-18s in England will have been offered the chance at both jabs, joining the 36 million people who’ve already received their second dose. Proof of a negative Covid test won’t be enough, and revellers will need to use the NHS Covid Pass, which is available the NHS website or app two weeks after your second vaccination. The government’s scientific advisors have raised fears that nightclubs could be potential “superspreader” events, as they pack large groups of people into smaller spaces, often have poorer ventilation, and welcome many people in the 18-35 age group, up to 35% of whom are currently unvaccinated.

Other venues that might see similar conditions are yet to be confirmed, but if nightclubs are the example given, you’d imagine that small music venues, for instance, might be subject to the same rules. The NHS Covid Pass is also set to be used to allow the fully vaccinated to avoid quarantine when returning from amber-list countries – and from August 16, fully vaccinated adults won’t need to self-isolate if a close contact tests positive for Covid-19. At this time, however, the government isn’t thought to be considering a ‘vaccine passport’ system for bars and restaurants. Still, we’re facing a new system with greater freedom for the fully vaccinated – so if you’re planning a trip to the club, go get jabbed up.

As a reminder, here are all the changes to restrictions that took effect on July 19.

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