12 Wonderful Things To Do In Liverpool This January

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2021 is finally over and it’s time to ring in a new and hopefully more exciting year. And whilst that’s a cause for celebration in itself, the uncertainty continues and the possibility of reintroducing restrictions is never far from the headlines. It might be a strange old time but it’s an improvement on January 2021 as we can unearth plenty of fun things to do in Liverpool that make a change from watching Netflix reruns and heading out for another slow turn around the local park. And rest assured, you’ll definitely end January knowing that it was the best month of 2022 – so far!

1. Visit the epic ‘Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience’


The best-selling ‘Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience’ is set to come to an end this month, but before it does, fans of the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts franchises have the chance to uncover mysterious creatures throughout the illuminated trail, as well as a number of fun and interactive nods to the films. The trail ends in a cosy winter village that mildly resembles Hogsmeade, where budding witches and wizards can fill up on seasonal grub and sweet treats. Get tickets here.

2. Test your knowledge of 2021 with an online quiz


OK, so it’s another year you’re probably trying to forget as soon as possible, but there’s still the chance for eternal quiz glory up for grabs, so take it seriously! This game is inspired by The Big Fat Quiz of the Year and takes players through 10 rounds of gameplay with lots of interactive video, audio, special guests, graphics, news presents, and live triggers. Are you up for the challenge? Your tickets are available here.

3. Reminisce the good old days at Hogwarts by watching the Harry Potter reunion

Credit: HBO

HBO Max announced just last month that a Return To Hogwarts television special is finally coming to our screens. We don’t want to spoil too much, but the trailer shows the cast reminiscing about old times, and we really can’t deal with the nostalgia! Return To Hogwarts will be released globally on New Years Day, January 1, 2022, on HBO Max. Plus, it will feature director Chris Columbus along with the movie’s stars, who haven’t been seen together since Deathly Hallows: Part 2, which was filmed back in 2009. The special will focus on the Harry Potter legacy. Meanwhile, cast members will take fans on an exciting, emotional and personal journey through the making of the Harry Potter movies.

4. Escape the city and enjoy a winter staycation in the UK

Credit: Shutterstock

Who knew that two years into the global pandemic, the idea of going on an international holiday would still be a whole daydream away? And while that’s a pretty gloomy thought on the surface, the UK isn’t exactly a total prison. Boasting varying landscapes and quaint little villages, our country is actually a mecca for culture, with tons of stunning sights and historical landmarks to uncover across the island. Check out our pick of the best winter staycations in the UK here.

5. Experience a classical and glowing twist on Taylor Swift’s biggest hits


With her melodic love songs and semi-biographical lyrics, Taylor Swift’s tunes have inspired fans for around 15 years. From pop to country, you may think you’ve heard all of Swift’s music styles, but wow, does Fever have a treat for you. This January, Taylor Swift’s biggest hits will be getting the classical treatment at a Taylor Swift candlelight concert, performed right here in Liverpool. What’s more, stunning St George’s Hall will be the location of this enchanting event, and beautiful flickering candles will surround the live string quartet. Snap up tickets here.

6. Snuggle up in the cinema with an epic film

Credit: Everyman Cinema Liverpool

Sit back and relax on the cosy sofas at Everyman Cinema in Liverpool’s Metquarter, where you can watch all the latest releases coming to the big screen. From well-known musical West Side Story and scandalous story House of Gucci to action-packed films like The Matrix: Resurrections and Spider-Man: No Way Home, there’s bound to be something that takes your fancy and gets you away from fighting for the remote back home with family or friends. Tuck into popcorn, pizza, hot dogs, burgers, sundaes or sharing plates of buttermilk fried chicken, chilli glazed ribs or tortilla chips and dips as you watch the plot unfold. You can also enjoy a range of tipples brought directly to your seat such as beer, cider, wine, cocktails, milkshakes and soft drinks.

7. Go vegan for the month


Veganuary rolls around once more, and it seemingly gathers speed every January. We say, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, so why not check out all the vegan delights that Liverpool has to offer to inspire your next dining out experience. From vegan junk food by Biffs and Frost Burgers to Asian cuisine by Woo Tan Scran and Sanskruti, there’s definitely something for plant-based eaters to enjoy in Liverpool, Veganuary or not.

8. Hear music from your favourite films at this candlelight concert

Taylor swift candlelight concert

The most awe-inspiring music from one of the greatest film composers Hans Zimmer of all time brought to you in an intimate candlelight setting. No doubt these tracks will sound familiar, as they give life to iconic films such as The Lion King, Sherlock Holmes, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Enjoy this special concert where the most loved film scores are brought to you surrounded by the beauty of The Florrie bathed in candlelight. Find your tickets here.

9. Take cover in a cosy, outdoor winter lodge or hut

Credit: The Club House, Liverpool

Searching for a cosy space for a festive tipple besides enjoying one at home? With a number of twinkling, cosy huts and lodges popping up across Liverpool this winter, how could we not resist? From twinkling lodges decked out to the nines, to cosy huts providing shelter from the harsh temperatures – there are some toasty outdoor huts and lodges to snuggle up in during colder climes in Liverpool. Check out our pick of outdoor huts and lodges in Liverpool here.

10. Head up to the top of the Royal Liver Building for unbelievable views

Credit: Carl Raw, Unsplash

Been cooped up inside for too long? Well then how about stretching your legs and heading out to explore and for a change of scenery? Whether you’re a local or new to the city, you can venture up one of Liverpool’s tallest buildings and discover more about this amazing city this January. Start your journey at the Royal Liver Building’s visitor centre, and learn about the building’s history as well as its place in local heritage, before heading up to the 10th and 15th floors for sweeping views of Merseyside and beyond, plus feel the sea breeze. Book your tickets here.

11. Check out newly-opened fine dining restaurant Elite 60

Credit: Elite 60

Joining the likes of The London Carriage Works, Papillon and Frederiks on Hope Street is Elite 60, a restaurant serving a new take on fine international cuisine that’s both pleasing to the eye and stomach. Set in an iconic building, Elite 60 is a concept created by renowned chef Bayram Yuce who is bringing a unique approach with beautifully presented dishes and key ingredients including wagyu beef, lobster, quail and a selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes. The À La Carte menu of this new restaurant is made up of exquisite dishes created with the finest ingredients, focusing on the highest quality seafood, the best cuts of meat and seasonal vegetables to celebrate each and every ingredient. Who’s hungry?

12. Bounce into the new year at this huge inflatable theme park

Credit: Bounce House

With over 20,000 sq ft of good times on offer, brand new inflatable theme park Bounce House located on Brunswick Dock, just a mile from Royal Albert Dock, is a great spot for kids, big and small. Bounce House in Liverpool offers a complete entertainment complex under one roof, with a huge inflatable arena, virtual reality suite, gaming room, as well as sweets and ice cream bar. The inflatable arena includes high slides, climbing walls, a maze, assault course and an air bag for those big jumps, making it perfect for unleashing your big kid energy and blowing off steam.

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