This Liverpool Bowl Bar Serves Japanese Sweet Crisp Choux Buns Filled With Unbelievable Flavours

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Choux away from the city centre to discover these Japanese-style buns.

If you’re looking for an excuse to get out of the city centre and discover a new foodie destination, well we’ve found one. Located in south Liverpool on the long road that is Aigburth Road, is a small Japanese bar serving bowls brimming with the likes of katsu curry, don buri and yaki udon, as well as a dessert that you’ll definitely want to devour.

Sutikku Bowl is a Japanese bowl food bar that is full of big flavours on their menu and they have one dessert on it, in other words it’s damn good, and if you add another item it will always be unable to compete. Sutikku’s choux buns are a combination of crisp and creamy with a crunchy coating on the choux pastry and filled with a luscious and generous dose of crème pâtissière.

The choux buns are filled with an array of different flavours such as passion fruit cream, chocolate, vanilla and dulce de leche. Plus, Sutikku creates seasonal specials of these marvellous choux buns such as toffee apple for all the autumnal feels, plus making a great accompaniment to a coffee as you sit on one of their bar stools and gaze outside at the leaves falling.

Opening in May this year, Sutikku Bowl on Aigburth Road has become a popular spot with locals because of their signature choux buns, plus their delicious Japanese savoury dishes. The bowl bar serves up a glorious katsu curry including either chicken, king prawn or  sweet potato in crisp and golden panko breadcrumbs, and of course the lovely curry sauce alongside pickled ginger and daikon and steamed rice.

Sutikku also serves a cracking light bite known as ‘kara-age’, where chicken thigh marinated in soy, sake and ginger or cauliflower is triple-fried to create an unbelievable crispy coating, then topped with either a teriyaki glaze, kewpie mayo or sriracha mayo. Plus you’ll find snacks such as kombucha squash, chive and squash-filled gyoza; edamame beans with smoked salt and sancho pepper; savoury mochi with sticky tomato and ginger sauce with toasted sesame; and skin on fries with Japanese curry sauce (all of which are vegan too).

In addition to their humble bar filled with Japanese-inspired décor, Sutikku runs a street food stall, which has had pop-ups across the UK and currently has a pop-up kitchen in Trinity Leeds. The stall specialises in katsu curry dishes as well as kushikatsua- a type of Japanese cuisine where the food is marinated then skewered before being dipped into a light batter and panko breadcrumb and fried to perfection.

Sutikku, 124 Aigburth Road, Dingle, L17 7BP

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