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Get a good dosa delights from across India.

As one of Britain’s favourite cuisines to order, you can’t knock an Indian takeaway. However, dining out at an Indian restaurant is arguably even better- after all, it still feels like a novelty dining out after all these months indoors and under restrictions. And if you’re looking to branch out and discover more of the Indian cuisine, Sanskruti is a must-visit.

Located down Bixteth Street, Sanskruti serves up both Indian classics such as tikka and tarka daal, as well as some more unusual dishes such as kela nu shaak (ripe bananas sautéed with turmeric, asafoetida, curry leaves, lemon juice and various spices). The restaurant offers a range of dishes influenced by regions in India such as Gujarati, Punjabi and south Indian, as well as serving up some traditional street food like samosa chaat and pani puri.

All of the dishes on Sanskruti’s menu are vegetarian or vegan, but meat lovers needn’t feel like they’re missing out as the restaurant’s meals still pack a punch when it comes to flavour, as well as being packed with protein. One dish in particular said to surprise the meat eaters is the Punjabi main named kathal lazeez- a North Indian-style jackfruit curry- the fruit breaks away just like pulled pork and is cooked in a tomato-based sauce with spices such as ginger, cumin and coriander.

With an array of options that are full of spices, aromas and plants, deciding what to choose can be rather tricky. Luckily, Sanskruti offers an impressive thali which means you can sample a bit of everything. Available only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, guests can enjoy a choice of starters, mains, dal, rice, roti, salad, dessert and papad all on one plate, and at a reasonable price of £14.

Alongside your usual sundries like pilau rice, naan, roti and paratha- you should make sure to make room for one or more of Sanskruti’s huge dosas. There are four different types of these thin rice and lentil crepes, choose from fillings such as spiced potato and onion masala; spiced mushroom masala; beetroot and potato masala with spicy red chilli-garlic chutney; or the Sanskruti special of tomatoes, onions and cheese.

Plus, the drinks at Sanskruti aren’t to be sniffed at. Whether it’s a refreshing pint or a comforting hot drinks, the Indian veggie restaurant offers both by serving the likes of renowned Indian beer, Cobra, and masala chai. Also, vegans or dairy-free diners can rejoice as Sanskruti has created a vegan mango lassi that keeps the creaminess minus the lactose and overall makes you feel as though you’ve gone somewhere more tropical than Liverpool thanks to it’s fresh mango flavour.

Sanskruti brings a dosa spice to the city with it’s reasonably-priced and flavourful dishes. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or just plain curious to try somewhere new, Sanskruti caters well to a variety of dietary requirements and has a lot of dishes that may tikka your fancy.

Sanskruti, Bixteth Street, L3 9LP

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