Explore The Psychology Of Attraction At This Intriguing Online Talk

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Love and sex go under the microscope in this intriguing talk.

Fancy learning about something that isn’t social distancing and flattening the curve? We feel you. Thankfully, our pals at Fever have lined up some of their excellent Fever Talks to stream online, which means you can now enjoy a fascinating lecture about The Psychology of Attraction, without having to leave your pyjamas. Nifty, right? It kicks off on November 26 at 7pm, and you can find your tickets here.

The Psychology of Attraction

With lockdown putting the skids on our dating lives, and having exhausted our Tinder likes for the day, it’s only natural to start asking the big questions about dating: namely, just why do we find certain people so damn irresistible? Here to help walk you through the fascinating minefield of attraction and dating is Viren Swami, Professor of Social Psychology at Anglia Ruskin University and Director of the Centre for Psychological Research at Perdana University. So yeah, he’s pretty clued up on all this.

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Professor Swami’s research focuses on the intersections between body image, physical attractiveness, and mental health, and he’s written 200 academic papers and three books on the subject of attraction. He’ll be using cutting-edge science and evidence-based accounts of relationships to debunk the idea of the ‘laws of attraction’, and helping you to sort the science from the self-help clichés. Geography, physical appearance, reciprocity, and similarity – all these things affect who we fall for and why, which means you’re likely to view your dating life in a new light after this talk!

The Psychology of Attraction is a topic that fascinates all; whether you’re researching modern relationships or just puzzling over your latest dating fiasco with friends, it’s never far from our minds. This fascinating talk aims to answer all your burning questions about attraction, relationships, and sex  – and if you’ve still got more left at the end, you can raise them in the Q&A. There’s so much to discover!

Fever Talks will be running even more brilliant talks over the next few weeks, so check out the full range here!

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