10 Of Liverpool’s Prettiest Streets That You’ll Dream About Forever

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The prettiest streets in Liverpool are a wonderful blend of awesome arcades, ravishing roads, lovely lanes, and perfect paths.

We already know that Liverpool is unreal when it comes to beauty, but these streets dotted around the city show just how pretty it is. From roads with buildings donned with murals and brightly-coloured paint to little cobbled lanes and historical buildings on some of the busier streets, these all bring plenty of character to Liverpool.

1. Bedford Street South

Liverpool is donned with many beautiful buildings including along Bedford Street South. On this street you’re not far from the University of Liverpool. Not a bad place to walk past on the way to and from the library, eh?

2. Lark Lane

Lark Lane is the go-to for independent shops, cafes and restaurants in Liverpool and only a short walk from Sefton Park. See more about what you can get up to at Sefton Park here.

3. Queen Avenue

Down Queen Avenue, you’ll find this lovely arcade. Escape the busy and long street that is Dale Street and get lost down one of the last remaining and oldest arcades in Liverpool- and why not pop into some of the cute shops there?

4. Water Street

Located in the city centre, this long street is great to go down when heading to the docks and pier (when it’s not being dug up that is…) It also has perfect views of the Liver Building, but why not pop into Oh Me Oh My on Water Street to see all of Liverpool from above?

5. Pier Head

Ok, so it’s not exactly a street but look how picture perfect it is down by the waterside, especially with this iconic foursome. Pier Head is also home to the Three Graces, plus the British Music Experience where you can discover plenty of musical history.

6. Matthew Street

Matthew Street is a pedestrian’s paradise and really comes to life in the evening as here you can take your pick from multiple bars and restaurants like The Cavern.

7. Hope Place

Hope Place in the Georgian Quarter is what some would envisage all British streets to look like- rows of railings, large front doors and street lamps, as well as some impressive architecture. You’ll also find Liverpool Cathedral and Royal Liverpool Philharmonic not too far away from here.

8. Jamaica Street

Down Jamaica Street you’ll find this lovely piece of street art. Get some great shots with the Liverpool Wings created by Paul Curtis for all of Liverpool’s liver birds to get involved with. If only we had wings right about now…

9. Canning Street

Another street in the city’s Georgian Quarter is Canning Street with beautiful lampposts, railings and balconies. Can we live on this road please?

10. Bold Street

Right by Liverpool Central Station is Bold Street. Follow the road south and you’ll find yourself at the magnificent St Luke’s Bombed Out Church Gardens. Take your pick from the cafes serving coffees and hot chocolates here.

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