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ness botanic gardens

Cold hard evidence of just how beautiful our region really is.

Hidden away between a number of gorgeous green spaces you’ll find Ness Botanic Gardens in all of its unsuspecting yet magical glory – located south of Liverpool in Little Neston. An unexpected oasis of sheer beauty just a half hour drive from the city centre, this garden just so happens to be a great Instagrammable spot in the region thanks to its array of colourful plants and trees.

Founded by Arthur Kilpin Bulley, who is said to have changed British gardening, the stunning park continues to operate as a botanical garden, boasting huge trees, arrangements of bright and beautiful flowers and walk-through paths that allow Liverpudlians to explore every corner.


In 1948, Arthur Bulley’s daughter gifted the entire site to the University of Liverpool, after he passed away in 1942. The park is cleverly laid out to protect the stunning rock gardens from the elements. But it’s not just the rock garden that’s there to be discovered, with a number of beautiful features dotted around to uncover, including waterfalls, wildflower meadows, huge trees and lily pads floating in a pond.

Turn any corner, and you’ll be greeted with a brand new picturesque setting, with some backdrops looking like a whole other country – let alone county. Take a stroll over the cute bridges, snap a shot of the beautiful flowers and foliage, or walk through a framed path of tall looming trees in the woodland area.

Along with the well-maintained flowers and trees,  Ness Botanic Gardens is home to an array of wildlife and wildflowers, with birds, butterflies and small mammals enticed into the grounds. You’ll also find pheasants and hens roaming and if you’re there late enough, you may spot a hedgehog.

With ticket prices starting at £6.50, residents are able to talk a stress-free walk around the park and botanical gardens, with the views of North Wales, too. It’s a calming affair with plenty to see, and a seriously welcome change from our popular city centre gardens like St John’s.

As beautiful as the park is already, there’s still more to do and see. Sit back and unwind at the Botanic Kitchen Café; purchase jams, blankets, books, cards, seasonal gifts and, of course, plants from the shop; have a picnic on the lawn; or take part in gardening courses and workshops.

Ness Botanic Gardens is open daily. From 1 March to 31 October, the garden is open 10am – dusk. From 1 November to 28 February, the garden is open 10am – 4:30pm.

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