Liverpool Named One Of The Top UK Cities For Swearing Online, According To Report

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Liverpool Named One Of The Top UK Cities For Swearing Online, According To Report

The report found ‘f*ck’ was the favourite swear word amongst Liverpudlians.

Whether you’ve sworn-off swearing or are consistently cursing, studies have shown that people who swear more could be more intelligent, more creative, and more honest. According to a report carried out by Reboot to find out which UK cities were guilty of breaking out the profanities, Liverpool was ranked as one of the top cities for swearing online.

In order to find out just how many times profanities were used online, Reboot examined the the UK’s most populated cities’ subreddits and it seems Liverpool has quite the mouth on her! Or perhaps, Liverpudlians have read all the studies on the benefits of swearing… Who knows.

Credit: Reboot

We just cannot resist a swear word. With 21,200 members and over 108,500 comments, the Liverpool subreddit averages at an impressive 65 swear words per 1,000 comments. The report also found out which swear words we can’t get enough of using, with ‘f*ck’ being the number one favourite with 27 mentions of the word per 1,000 comments.

The second most prevalent swear word for Liverpudlians is ‘sh*t’, with an average of 25 comments per 1,000 containing the word. Liverpool’s least used swear words were ”b*tch’, and ‘w*nker’, both averaging less than one mention per 1,000 comments.

However, Liverpool wasn’t the only city to let loose with the profanities online as it was beaten by Glasgow and closely followed by Edinburgh, which claimed third place. The least sweary city in the UK  within this report was Sheffield despite their Yorkshire neighbours of Hull, Leeds and Bradford being frequent users of expletives.

Credit: Reboot

The digital PR company also discovered the most common swear words used online too. After analysing a grand total of over 4.5 million comments and 271,000 swear words across each city’s subreddit, it found the top five most popular swear words in the UK were ‘f*ck’ (40%), ‘sh*t’ (38%), ‘cr*p’ (5.8%), ‘c*nt’ (4.1%) and ‘bullsh*t’ (3.3%).

However, the swear words used the least were ‘b*tch’ and ‘w*nker’, which only accounts for 1.4% of the total profanities analysed. Following closely behind were ‘b*llocks’ and ‘tw*t’ with a share of 1.5% each.

You can find out how all the 20 cities faired here. Now, watch your language!

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