Learn How To Make Perfect Pasta And Gorgeous Gin Cocktails At Home

Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd - Staff Writer

Learn How To Make Perfect Pasta And Gorgeous Gin Cocktails At Home

Malfy Gin and Pasta Evangelists have recruited some Italian pros to upgrade your dinner game.

You’ll learn to make fresh pasta from scratch and mix your own perfect gin cocktails at this amazing Online Gin & Pasta Workshop! This one and a half hour experience will run for two sessions on Thursday August 27 and Thursday September 10 and will allow guests to immerse themselves in Italian culture and cuisine, as they take the time to make pasta from scratch and enjoy a refreshing gin and tonic.

Ticket holders will receive a bespoke Malfy kit ahead of the experience containing everything needed to whip up two perfect gin cocktails. You’ll be making a refreshing Amalfy Sunset Spritz using Malfy Rosa, a gorgeous Sicilian Pink Grapefruit gin, and a sun-kissed G&T using the unique blood orange gin, Malfy con Arancia. Sound delicious? Yeah, it gets better.


Your Malfy kit will also contain a bag of Pasta Evangelists 00 flour, ready for you to make a delicious bowl of Lemon & Ricotta Ravioli from scratch! You’ll receive an ingredients list with all the fresh produce you need to make your lip-smacking pasta dish, so you can do your shopping in advance. Tickets cost just £25 and can be purchased via the Fever app.


And now….introducing the hosts behind this incredible evening in!

Italians know the importance of the aperitivo. When you finish up a long day’s work, a refreshing glass of gin and a bite to eat with friends is exactly what you need. Want to be able to whip up the perfect gin cocktails at home? Then Malfy Gin Ambassador and pro mixologist, Dani Umoette is your man. We quizzed him about anything and everything to do with pasta, gin and Italian life!


What is your favourite pasta? Tortelli di zucca. Nothing like pumpkin, amaretti and Parmesan!

What is your favourite sauce? Ragu’ alla bolognese. Super versatile, works with many different types of pasta, but never EVER spaghetti.

What’s in your ideal gin cocktail? Negroni. It’s simply the perfect drink. Good before dinner, good after dinner, good for lunch and late night. You have to embrace the bitter sweet Italian life!

What’s your favourite spot in Italy? Porto Venere, in Liguria. It’s a small town with a little church on a cliff overlooking the sea. Even Lord Byron himself would go there for a swim!

The best thing about Italians is…? We’re funny. We’re warm. We are open minded (not when we are talking about food though!)

What are your top tips for serving the perfect Italian dinner at date night? Seafood! (Hoping he/she isn’t vegan). Nothing beats a good Spaghetti allo Scoglio for a date. Just make sure you are not wearing a white shirt.

What’s your favourite Italian spot in England? Alto Rooftop at Selfridges in London, a hidden Italian Garden gem where you can sip on a Malfy Gin & Tonic whilst taking in the city views.

If, like us, you’re passionate about pasta then Roberta D’elia, the Head Chef at Pasta Evangelists, is the pasta pro you need to know. Here’s what she has to say about pasta, gin and her favourite spots in Italy!


What is your favourite pasta? ORECCHIETTE

What is your favourite sauce? Fresh cherry tomatoes sauce! but of course the best sauce to pair my favorite orecchiette is Cime di Rape

What’s in your ideal gin cocktail? Gin & Tonic sorbet! Normally the lemon sorbet is served at the end of a seafood meal, but believe me mixed with gin and tonic it’s the perfect combination.

What’s your favourite spot in Italy? Baia di Manacore, Peschici – Foggia. Puglia, the most beautiful region of Italy and Gargano, my home town, memories of childhood and the sun, yes sooo much sun!!

The best thing about Italians is…? La passione!! the passion they have in everything they do!

What are your top tips for serving the perfect Italian dinner at date night? The secret of a good Italian dinner..the ingredients; use only the best quality 100% made in Italy, for example, do not use any Parmesan but Parmigiano Reggiano, Extra Virgin Olive Oil not just Oil!

What’s your favourite Italian spot in England? You’ll never believe it, but I’ve never eaten at an Italian restaurant abroad! It’s hard to please an Italian chef – Bar Termini in London is a must for the best ESPRESSO!

See? These are straight up Italian professionals we’re talking about and trust us, you won’t want to miss their exclusive Online Gin & Pasta Workshop.


If you fancy a little taste of Italy, or you’re planning a romantic date night activity, or you’re just after something a little different for you dinner– then this is the experience for you. Gin and fresh pasta? Come on, you can’t go wrong with that!

Tickets for the Online Gin & Pasta Workshop with Malfy Gin and Pasta Evangelists can be bought here. There will be two live-streamed sessions available on Thursday August 27 and Friday August 28 2020 only. 18+ only, with valid ID. Please drink responsibly