International Travellers Must Provide Negative Covid-19 Test Before Entering The UK

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International arrivals will have to present a negative Covid-19 test result to enter the UK.

In order to keep new strains of Covid-19 out of the UK, the government is set to implement tighter border controls. International travellers heading to the UK via plane, train or ferry will soon be required to present a negative test certificate no more than 72 hours before departure in order to enter the country, with the exception of hauliers. Measures may also include a subsequent Covid test upon arrival and the travel quarantine will remain in place.

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As it stands, tourists from all over the world can enter the UK freely including those from countries where Covid mutations are currently circulating, such as South Africa. A number of senior Conservative MPs are now demanding tougher border restrictions with immediate effect to prohibit the spread of these more infectious strains.

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Cabinet minister, Michael Gove, confirmed that government discussions over border controls are well underway. In an interview with LBC Radio earlier today, Gove said “We want to make sure that [our borders] are as safe as possible, so we are reviewing what the appropriate restrictions might be. It is making sure that we have the safest possible approach and that involves reviewing how our ports and airports work.”

Several countries are now adopting tighter restrictions including Greece, France and Germany, who have also made it compulsory for international travellers to present a negative Covid test before entering. Others have even gone a step further and have issued travel bans on countries where new Covid variants have been found.

The government will confirm the new travel regulations and announce any additional measures later this week.

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