Iceland Is Now Open To Visitors From The UK Who Have Been Fully Vaccinated

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler


A step in the right direction for the reintroduction of safe travel.

With most the country waiting to be fully vaccinated from Covid-19, there’s some good news on the horizon for keen travellers. [Featured Image: Nicolas J Leclercq, Unsplash].

A holiday abroad might actually be on the cards sooner than you think. Iceland has announced that tourists intending to travel there may do so if they’ve been fully vaccinated.

As of March 18, travellers from any country may enter Iceland without tests or a quarantine. That is, if they are able to show they have received both doses of a licensed vaccine. This amends a previous policy which allowed vaccinated citizens from countries in the EU to travel to Iceland.

So, now that around 25 million people in the UK having received their first dose, many will be waiting eagerly for that second dose to give them the green light to do some sorely missed travelling. Currently, almost 2 million UK citizens have received both doses. Over the coming months, more and more people should become eligible to spend some time at the famous Blue Lagoon after all.

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