Over 12,000 Harry Potter Fans Have Donated To A Woodland Creation Scheme

Chloe Byrne Chloe Byrne - Staff Writer

Over 12,000 Harry Potter Fans Have Donated To A Woodland Creation Scheme

Guests attending Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience donate over 12,000 trees to a woodland to be created in partnership with Forest Carbon ahead of the Experience’s grand opening.

With just the click of a button, over 12,000 trees have been donated by future visitors of the new Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience as part of its connection to the ‘give a tree, grow a forest’ scheme that supports the creation of woodland areas across the country – equating to 5.5 Quidditch pitches worth of trees!

Forest Carbon, a pioneer in the creation of carbon-financed woodlands in the UK, has partnered with the Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience for this great initiative and are committed to celebrating the power of nature in creating forests for the future generations to enjoy.

Through this partnership, visitors who purchase tickets to the new experience can make an optional donation of £3.95, which covers the cost of buying and planting a tree in the UK. So far, many generous fans have embraced the opportunity, and in return, will receive enlightening updates on the progress and impact of their good deed.

Focusing on increasing woodland cover in the UK, Forest Carbon’s mission is to ‘put a price on businesses’ carbon emissions’ – with great strides achieved by the initiative since 2006, including gaining the funding to plant 12 million trees in the UK, helping to finance peatland restoration, and gaining strong partnerships with landowners, companies and individuals who help make it all happen. It’s a highly important task and one that is working towards delivering climate mitigation by putting a focus on nature’s role in Earth’s survival.

The importance of beauty and nature is reflected in the bewitching new experience itself, which takes place in the wilderness of Cheshire’s Arley Hall and Gardens. The twisted trees and root-tangled paths transport ticket holders to the shadowy depths of the experience’s very own Forbidden Forest, where keen-eyed guests may spot a Hippogriff or Centaur lurking among the area as a wander along the trail merges reality and magic. Whether you’re a lifelong fan searching for mythical beasts or a nature lover soaking up the moonlit setting, the experience ticks all the boxes for a memorable evening.

Throughout the magical trail, there will be various food and drink outlets available, offering a range of British favourites to feast upon, from traditional fish and chips to delicious sweet treats such as fudge and festive cakes.

If you fancy making your way through Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest this Autumn and maybe making your own eco-conscious contribution along the way, then you can find tickets here.

For further details about the initiative or to learn more about Forest Carbon, and the planting and management of the new woodlands, click here. 

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