These Thought-Provoking Talks Are Here To Enlighten You

Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd - Staff Writer

These Thought-Provoking Talks Are Here To Enlighten You

Everything from quantum physics to psychedelics is covered in these fascinating Fever Talks.

After roaring success in both London and Manchester, Fever are finally bringing their captivating talks to Liverpool. All themed around eye-opening new subjects, they’re a sure-fire way to become more enlightened, engaged, and all-round wise.

With the help of engaging topics, expert speakers, and a burning desire for knowledge, these talks are perfect for those with a curious mind. Find out more about each talk below and be prepared to expand your mind!

The Psychology of Psychopaths

Ever wondered if you’ve ever met a psychopath in your life? Well, upon leaving this Fever talk, you’ll probably realise that you have! This fascinating event will be led by a specialist guest speaker, who will give you the low-down on the neuroscience behind the condition, symptoms to look out for, as well as some real life examples. The talk will even finish off with a Q&A, so you can ask any burning questions. Get your tickets here.

Quantum Physics for Beginners

Daunting as it may seem, quantum physics is an exciting area of study, and one that you don’t need a physics degree to understand! Your expert speaker will talk you through subjects as diverse as string theory, quantum computing, and even time itself. It’s unmissable stuff, so nab your tickets here.

The Science of Psychedelics

Now this one really is a mind-altering talk… A resident psychedelic expert (what a job!) will walk you through pioneering research that includes using magic mushrooms to treat depression, as well as explaining the science behind psychedelics. Find your tickets here.

The Neuroscience of Creativity

Creativity involves transforming your ideas, dreams and imagination into reality. But where does it come from, and how can we nurture it? As always, there are psychological reasons behind our creativity, whether you’re brimming full of it or lacking it, and Caroline Di Bernardi Luft, who’s an expert in this field, is here to help explain the relationship between creativity and intelligence as well as the way the brain operates during the creative process. Pick up your tickets here.

The Science of Parallel Universes

Personally, I think this world is complicated enough without uncovering an entire multiverse of other worlds, but the likes of Rick & Morty and Stranger Things apparently don’t agree with me. Your guide to the possibility of these infinite worlds is a theoretical physicist, though hopefully one without a portal gun and an inquisitive grandson trailing behind them… Tickets available here.

There’s plenty more where all of this came from! Stay tuned to discover future Fever Talks coming to Liverpool.

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