Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth This St Patrick’s Day With These Biscoff-Filled Pot O’ Gold Cookies

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Warning: may cause drooling.

Soft, gooey-centred cookies are one thing but what could possibly make these heavenly treats taste even better? Well, this Liverpool bakery has given the usual cookie an upgrade by creating a deliciously decadent cookie, so much so that it’ll make you feel like you’ve found a pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow this St Patrick’s Day.

Dumb Dough in Bootle makes some of the chonkiest cookies in Liverpool, and possibly in the North West too, weighing in at around 6oz (170g) each, meaning they are thicckk. One of their special edition cookies for St Patrick’s Day, known as Pot O’ Gold, is something quite special. With a light brown sugar cookie base, their Pot O’ Gold cookies are studded with white chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles, also featuring a golden core of delicious Lotus Biscoff Spread as you break into it.

The baked goods from this independent Liverpool bakery are honestly the stuff of dreams, with each cookie baked to perfection and filled with decadent flavours. But now, Dumbdough has seriously outdone themselves, officially adding this Pot O’ Gold cookie to their menu for St Patrick’s Day.

However, this cookie creation isn’t the only stand-out item on the bakery’s menu. Dumb Dough has also launched another St Patrick’s Day-themed cookie caled Shamrock S’more. With a vanilla cookie base, stuffed with Cadbury’s chocolate, Lotus biscuit and a chunky marshmallow core, the cookie is also studded with chocolate chips and topped with roasted marshmallows! I don’t know about you but I’m drooling at the thought.

Dumb Dough also produces incredible flavoured and filled cookies. Their recent menu features the likes of a crème brûlée- a rich vanilla cookie base, stuffed with vanilla cream and topped with a  burnt caramel crackly brûlée- as well as more classic flavours such as cookies and cream; chocolate chip; peanut butter; and double chocolate chip. Dumb Dough recommends you eat their cookies warm, by simply heating them in the microwave for 15-30 seconds to get the ultimate gooey goodness.

You can order Dumb Dough’s cookies in boxes of three and their St Patrick’s Day box features one Pot O’Gold cookie, a Shamrock S’more cookie and a classic chocolate chip cookie. Plus, it’s your lucky day as for St Patrick’s Day, Dumb Dough have a discount code to enjoy 20% off.

Their online cookie store is open for you to pre-order your cookies every Friday-Thursday with deliveries carried out on Fridays. Dumb Dough delivers to the majority of areas in Liverpool, specifically postcodes L1-L36 and L38.

[Featured Image: Dumb Dough]

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