You Can Now Give That Special Someone A Black Pudding Bouquet For Valentine’s Day

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This Valentine’s gift is blossoming with black pudding.

With it being lockdown, Valentine’s Day isn’t going to be quite the same for us all this year so people have had to get a bit more creative than usual, and it seems most brands are on board with the idea. Gone are the days of sonnets and sending flowers to that special someone because you can now gift your Valentine with something more unique such as a bouquet of black pudding.

Yes, that’s right. It’s not necessarily the first thing which springs to mind when we think of Valentine’s Day, but black pudding brand, Clonakilty, is selling a DIY black pudding bouquet kit so you can create this masterpiece for your loved one. With this DIY bouquet kit, meat lovers needn’t miss out on getting the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day.

A cuddly teddy, chocolates and a bunch of flowers might be great gifts for Valentine’s Day, but if you’re looking to up the ante and give your loved one something truly unique this year, this black pudding bouquet could be the present for them (or for yourself- it’s lockdown after all). Whether you think things have gone too far or wish this gift idea had come about sooner, black pudding fans are likely to fall in love with this edible arrangement.

The kit by the Irish black pudding company includes wooden skewers, brown wrapping paper, red tissue paper, heart tissue paper and flower stems. Clonakilty has created an online guide on how to create your own meat-filled bouquet. You can buy black and white pudding separately from Clonakilty’s website or from your local supermarket then place slices of it in your hand-crafted bouquet. A sentence we never thought we’d write.

Or if you’ve not got on the arts and crafts hype during lockdown then a cooked breakfast with black pudding will most likely do the trick.

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