A Billboard With Kind Messages And Beatles Lyrics Has Been Going Round Liverpool This Week

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The positivity we need right now.

We can’t disagree that during these past months we haven’t been living our “best lives”.  With our highlights mainly being post deliveries, our daily dose of outdoor exercise and curling up watching the latest Netflix releases or online parish council meetings, sometimes a different kind of boost is in order. Well, with Random Acts of Kindness Day having taken place this week and many of us in need of an uplifting message to get us through the third lockdown, a mobile billboard took to the streets of Liverpool to bring positivity.

This week, the city received a personalised message of hope inspired by song lyrics from local and global legends, The Beatles, all via a mobile digital billboard. The Beatles inspired message read: “Liverpudlians. What would you say If I said there was hope? A time when we can come together again? Exercising kindness is more important than ever right now. We’ll get through this with a little help from our friends. Stay strong and keep smiling Scousers.”

Credit: Daisy Rumble

The mobile billboard certainly turned heads, with one local commenting “Ay its not wrong! We’ll get through this, us Scousers can get through anything, together!” One student also responded to the message saying: “Perfect start to my day that! Couldn’t of said it better myself.” The van also visited local residents this week as part of a wider campaign to deliver personalised doorstop messages of encouragement and goodwill as the nation anticipates hope of better times to come.

A Liverpudlian mother, Rebekah Howard, 33, who received a message on the van from a close friend, said: “It has really made my day! Throughout this pandemic, it’s been incredibly tough, especially having a baby during lockdown. It’s been a struggle without family and friends not being able to visit. However, messages and support like this from friends makes it so much easier! It was lovely to receive such a thoughtful surprise and has made me really aware of power and impact that kindness holds.”

Liverpool photographer, Daisy Rumble, captured these billboard messages of kindness in the city, who in April last year she created a series of stunning photographs showing how hope and positivity will always shine through in Liverpool, even in the midst of a crisis.

These messages of encouragement and goodwill via a mobile digital billboard were organised by KIND Snacks, as part of a Driving Kindness initiative in partnership with Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM).

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