54 Unmissable Series And Movies New To Netflix This February

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The best new Netflix UK series, films, and documentaries to binge in February 2021, courtesy of Secret Liverpool.

Having emerged from the post-Christmas slumber and stuck our heads over the parapet, only to see a new lockdown on the horizon, we’ve slunk back to the warm embrace of Netflix. Come join us! Plenty of blockbuster films, hot new series, and though-provoking documentaries are also being unleashed this month, so here’s the best of what to watch on Netflix UK in February 2021, as well as some winners available now. Plus, a tantalising glimpse at what lies in store later in 2021! (Don’t forget, you can watch Netflix with pals using this nifty Internet extension.)

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New to Netflix UK in February 2021:

Parks & Recreation, Season 1-7 (February 1)


Netflix has served up no end of lockdown saviours since last March, and February sees the arrival of another one. All seven seasons of Parks & Rec is coming to the streaming platform, so that’s a good 100+ hours of TV to while away the time.

Firefly Lane (February 3)

Tracking the course of a friendship over three decades, this series (starring Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke) is primed to be your next binge watch.

Malcolm & Marie (February 5)

Shot during the first lockdown, this intense love story is a two-hander featuring John David Washington and Zendaya, who question their relationship over the course of one night.

News of the World (February 10)

Thankfully, it’s nothing to do with the disgraced tabloid. Instead, it’s a Western in which affable everyman Tom Hanks stars as an American Civil War veteran trying to find a place to call home.

To All The Boys: Always & Forever (February 12)

Safe to say I am not Emotionally Prepared For This. Like at all. In the final instalment of Netflix’s sweet coming-of-age trilogy, Lara Jean and Peter are forced to confront life after high school, before their inevitable descent into bitter, jaded adulthood.

I Care A Lot (February 19)

Rosamond Pike is the guardian swindling her ageing clients, Peter Dinklage is the mob boss with a vendetta against her. It’s pitch-black comedy at its finest.

The best of the rest – coming to Netflix UK in February 2021

The month begins with a pair of films from opposite ends of the spectrum: stone-cold classic Mean Girls, and cult favourite Snakes On A Plane (both 1st) – worth watching for that line alone. You’ll also be able to catch Stephen Spielberg’s contemplative blockbuster A.I. Artificial Intelligence on the 17th, the same day Jason Statham battles fookin’ huge sharks in The Meg. Meanwhile, Taraji P. Henson will be reading guys minds in What Men Want (22nd), and there’s further cinematic delights in the form of Magic MikeAmerican GraffitiDetroitHostel, and Along Came Polly (dates TBD).

For TV addicts, Netflix UK is offering a second season of sketch comedy show Tiffany Haddish Presents: They Ready (2nd), along with a second season of Spanish-language drama Hache (5th). Elsewhere, the biggest remaining arrival in a quieter month is The Crew (15th), in which Kevin James is the leader of NASCAR’s most dysfunctional pit crew.

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Footballing great Edson Arantes do Nascimento – better know as Pelé (23rd) – gets a worthy documentary feature this February. But if football’s not your thing, then Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel (10th) will satisfy crime nerds; it charts the disappearance of hotel guest Elisa Lam, with mysteries aplenty and downright bizarre happenings.

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Now streaming – new to Netflix UK in January 2021:

They’re already here, so check ’em out!

The Office US


As any journey into Twitter will tell you, The Office US inspires an almost cult-like reverence amongst its followers – and with all nine seasons arriving on Netflix in January, it might just be the time you join them.

Cobra Kai, Season 3

Netflix were quick to snap up this nostalgic hit (picking up the story of The Karate Kid thirty years later) from its original home on YouTube, and January saw the much-hyped arrival of a third season.

History of Swear Words

How many times can host Nicolas Cage curse in one episode? Find out in this foul-mouthed romp through the history, origin, and significance of your favourite swear words. Read all about it here.

Disenchantment, Season 3

One amongst many animated shows to delight Netflix viewers, Disenchantment takes the humour of Simpsons creator Matt Groening and sticks it in a medieval fantasy land. Highly watchable stuff ensues!

The White Tiger

Aravind Adiga’s Man Booker Prize-winning novel is a dark, absorbing look into the lives of India’s servants, and now this unforgettable tale of ambition and power gets a richly-deserved big screen adaptation.

The Dig

When amateur archaeologist Basil Brown (Ralph Fiennes) unearths the Anglo-Saxon treasures at Sutton Hoo, he stumbles upon one of the great archaeological finds in British history.

The best of the rest for January 2021

January saw plenty of new arrivals, with The Wolf of Wall StreetSaving Private RyanDreddThe Woman in BlackSmokey and the Bandit, and Easy Rider all turning up at the month’s beginning. It continued in suitably action-packed fashion with Rambo and You Don’t Mess With The Zohan, although there’s also more contemplative fare in drama Pieces of a Woman, which deals with a young woman rebounding from the loss of a pregnancy. For me, though, the real gem of January is the incomparable Booksmart – just do yourself a favour and give it a watch!

New arrivals in TV land include fourth seasons of Call My Agent and Carmen Sandiego, along with a twisty, drama-filled fifth season of Riverdale. Once you’ve conquered those, it’s time for magic series Fate: The Winx Saga, and rather more adult fare in season two of Bonding. If you’re looking for a good laugh in these tough times, head straight for Superstore, which now has five seasons on the streaming platform. Finally, a second season of Snowpiercer is also available, this time with 100% more Sean Bean in it. I wonder if he’ll make it out alive…

Documentary fare this month includes series from either end of the spectrum; either you gaze envious at gorgeous homes in season two of Dream Home Makeover, or thank your lucky stars that you aren’t Inside The World’s Toughest Prisons, with season five now available. Finally, you can begin 2021 with a calm and clear mind, thanks to Headspace Guide To Meditation.

Coming to Netflix UK later in 2021

Impatient, are we? Fear not, for we’re a forward-thinking bunch too. We’ve sifted through the rumours, hearsay, and snippets of information to take a look forward to Netflix arrivals rumoured to drop later in 2021. They don’t have streaming dates yet, but keep your eyes peeled for the highly-anticipated fourth season of Stranger Things (check out a tantalising teaser trailer here), and the rumoured return for Russian Doll. We’ll of course keep you updated with the new arrivals!

Meanwhile, Netflix has already promised to launch a new original film every week, so there are an embarrassment of riches coming our way in the future. Among the long list of arrivals is political satire/disaster film Don’t Look Up with Leonardo Di Caprio and Jennifer Lawrence, action comedy thriller Red Notice with Gal Gadot, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Ryan Reynolds, and musical adaptation tick tick…BOOM with plenty of input from Lin-Manuel Miranda. You can also look forward to some Netflix Originals sequels, including The Kissing Booth 3 and The Princess Switch 3. What a Christmas present that’ll be!

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