This Liverpool Speakeasy Bar Is Hosting A Spooky And Spine-Chilling Séance This Halloween

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The spirits in your cocktail won’t be the only kind present.

As we head into autumn, it means we’re one step closer to the spookiest day of the year- Halloween. Set to shake up your usual ghoulish plans is the 1900’s style speakeasy bar, The Oracle, by inviting you to join them in their historic Victorian parlour room for a séance like no other as they contact the spirits this Halloween.

The Oracle on Duke Street is a one of a kind cocktail bar which features close-up magicians who visit your table. However during the week of Halloween, The Oracle will be making contact with the dead rather than the usual living that frequent the bar by hosting a séance similar to that of the Victorian era.

The Victorian séance was a phenomenon that seized the interest of every sector of society. The darkest days of the year were seen by many Victorians as a time when the dead would have a particularly strong access to the living, therefore it would only be fitting to host one like it on Halloween.

The show, which has very limited availability, will be directed by The Oracle’s top magic consultants with a medium hosting the evening. The Oracle séance will be a unique show with elements of magic and mind reading before connecting with the ‘spirit realm’.


The performance will be for entertainment purposes only, please do not arrive expecting to contact your past loved ones as this will not occur however convincing it may seem. Due to the nature of the show and the techniques used by Victorian era mediums, attendees must be aware that the performance will be strictly over 18’s, may be emotional and will not be suitable for anyone with any underlying health conditions.

And of course you can enjoy The Oracle’s signature cocktails which are split into categories based on your tipple preferences such as fruity, creamy, refreshing, sweet and sour, classic and deceivers (non-alcoholic drinks). Dare to try the Poison Chalice or The Green Fairy featuring absinthe? Or why not take a risk and order the Grifter’s ticket? Play dice with the devil as to what drink is handed to you next…


The seances will run from the 26th to the 31st October with 45 minute shows and tickets will be £25 per person with only 16 guests per show. Tickets will be available on the 27th of September at 5pm on The Oracle website.

The Oracle, 92 Duke Street, L1 5AG

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