The Coast Comes To You With This Plymouth Gin Seafood & Cocktails Cooking Class

Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd - Staff Writer

The Coast Comes To You With This Plymouth Gin Seafood & Cocktails Cooking Class

Top chef Mark Hix and Plymouth Gin are bringing a taste of the British coast to your home and helping you support local fisherman and seafood traders at this Online Gin Cocktail & Seafood Cook-Along.

One of the best parts of any beach holiday is definitely enjoying all the incredible, fresh seafood you can get on the coast. Add a refreshing, chilled cocktail to that and honestly, *chef’s kiss* perfection. Now, if you want a taste of that coastal life without having to rely on the British sunshine, you’ll be wanting tickets to this amazing Online Gin Cocktail & Seafood Cook-Along with Plymouth Gin and Mark Hix. It includes a box of ingredients sent to your door, including all the equipment for two incredible Plymouth Gin cocktails, and fresh fish with which to prepare two mouthwatering dishes. Luckily, you can find your tickets here.


The South West craft gin brand has recruited Devon native and seafood extraordinaire Mark Hix to show you how to rustle up two perfect fish dishes and pair them with deliciously balanced gin cocktails. This virtual cook-along will take place for one night and one night only, on October 1 at 7pm, and there are a limited number of tickets available so you’ll have to be quick!


The lucky people who do manage to bag tickets to the Online Gin Cocktail & Seafood Cook-Along will then receive a personalised Plymouth Box delivered directly to their homes. It will contain everything you need to mix up two perfect gin cocktails – Plymouth gin, glasses, garnishings and all! You’ll also be sent fresh fish (supplied by Call4Fish) and ingredients lists for the two seafood dishes so you can nip to the shops in advance and be ready to cook up some Mark Hix specials alongside the chef himself.


The cocktails in question have been perfected by Luke Vardy, Plymouth Gin distillery’s resident bartender. First up, you’ll be taught how to craft the ideal Plymouth Aromatic Gin & Tonic, a fragrant riff on the classic which will pair perfectly with Mark Hix’s mackerel ceviche. Then, it’s on to the Plymouth Fresh Gimlet, where a generous helping of gin, lime juice, and sugar syrup combine for a cocktail that you’ll want to make again and again. Oh, and you’ll find it delightful to sip whilst Hix shows you how to create the perfect poached fish dish!

While you do get two servings of Plymouth Gin with your kit, we’re sure that a taste will just leave you wanting more. So why not prepare for the inevitable and click here to buy yourself a bottle of your new favourite gin from Amazon!


The Online Gin Cocktail & Seafood Cook-Along is perfect for budding chefs, lovers of gin and anyone who has a hankering for a nice fish dish paired with a perfect G&T for dinner. But this experience is also a great way to offer practical support to fishermen and local traders who have been struggling in the wake of Covid-19. How? Well Plymouth Gin has joined forces with Call4Fish to deliver fresh fish for the cook-along to all you land-locked folk.

Call4Fish is an amazing initiative set up in direct response to Covid-19, allowing people to buy fresh produce from local fishermen and traders safely. Their mission is to give Brits the chance to try the huge variety of fish and shellfish found in British waters, and that is exactly what you’ll be able to enjoy during the Online Gin Cocktail & Seafood Cook-Along!


his virtual cook-along promises to be a lovely evening in, where you can enjoy the fresh flavours of the Great British coast, work on your cooking skills with Mark Hix, and sip on gorgeous Plymouth Gin cocktails while you do it. If that sounds like a bit of you, you can get your tickets here.

The Online Gin Cocktail & Seafood Cook-Along will take place on October 1 at 7pm only. 18+ only with valid ID. Click here to buy tickets. Please drink responsibly.

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