8 Incredible Luxury Getaways That’ll Awaken Your Wanderlust

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We can still dream of foreign travel with these luxury getaways.

Experiencing new places is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but at the moment most of us are stuck at home, unable to travel. However, there’s nothing to say that we can’t still daydream of foreign lands, at least not on the government website, there isn’t! So why not lose yourself in the knowledge that one day soon we may be able to travel again. Moreover, if you’re going to daydream then you might as well daydream about the best luxury getaways. From birdboxes overlooking Norwegian fjords to luxury yurts perched atop a Madeiran hillside, these places are out of this world.

1. Beautiful birdbox cabins overlooking a Norwegian Fjord

These amazing little birdboxes are perched up in the mountains and they command breathtaking views of the Norwegian landscape. Best enjoyed in the winter, they are the perfect place to retreat to escape the cold from an amazing vantage point. From your little birdbox you can take in the beauty of a Norwegian fjord and you don’t even have to get out of bed to do it! Read all about them here.

2. A floating spa hotel beneath the Northern lights in Swedish Lapland

Arctic Bath Hotel and Spa is just as cool as it sounds. Literally, it’s pretty chilly! 900km North of Stockholm, the spa hotel floats on Lake Lule, and in the winter the ice freezes so that it is suspended beautifully in the ice. In between being massaged and pampered you can take a dip in the Arctic bath, which is kept at 4 degrees Celcius, and enjoy the phenomenal views. Find out more here.

3. The barrel-shaped cabin in a Mexican tequila distillery

Matices Hotel De Barricas is a working tequila distillery, where you can relax in your very own jacuzzi, amidst the amazing blue agave plants. The barrel-shaped accommodation is equipped with all of the things you’d expect to find in an upmarket hotel and there’s even an amazing bar and restaurant on-site. If you’re a fan of tequila and you’ve always dreamt of travelling to Mexico then this place is definitely for you.

4. Fantastic hobbit holes in the Welsh countryside

Bilbo Baggins would be jealous of anyone staying in one of these luxury hobbit holes. He might have had a larder stocked full of food but he certainly didn’t have a hot tub. The hobbit holes are near the quaint Welsh town of Rhayader and not far from the Cambrian mountains, with their phenomenal views of the lush Welsh countryside. Read all about them here.

5. Bubble houses with a private pool in Costa Rica

This place is the stuff of dreams. It’s perfect for a romantic couple’s getaway, with a private pool and a huge bath. It offers complete privacy but with amazing views from your very own bubble paradise. Just four minutes walk from the accommodation is a beautiful sandy beach where you can sit in the sun and let all of your worries melt away. See more here.

6. Float along the coast of France in a luxury pod

The Athanea is stationed in Brittany and inspired by the Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me, which features a floating pod just like this. However, Athanea has zero impact on the environment. The boat it only releases clean water into the ocean and everything is solar-powered. It’s said to be unsinkable and fully autonomous. Plus, everything is made of recycled materials. Luxury abounds in this pod, with an amazing veranda to lounge around on and a sheer base on the inside of the pod, so you can see the fish swim by whilst you’re eating your toast. More info here.

7. Board a floating villa in French Polynesia

Like Athanea, these catamarans are also eco-friendly, and you can float through the waters of Bora Bora aboard one of these beauties from March 2021. The catamarans function and self-contained villas with four double bedrooms, a sun terrace, outdoor barbecue and all of the things you’d expect at a fancy hotel. Plus, you can dive straight into the clear blue sea from the deck or sun yourself on the terrace whilst bobbing about in the warm ocean breeze. Read more here.

8. Sleep beneath banana trees in a yurt on a Madeira hillside.

Madeira is a stunning Portuguese island, isolated almost completely in the North Atlantic, off the coast of both Portugal and Morocco. It’s the perfect place to getaway. If you want to travel to Madeira then staying at Canto Das Fontes is a must. On a steep hillside, overlooking the beautiful blue ocean sits this unbelievable resort, made up of comfortable teepees and yurts. The whole site sits on a huge garden, tended by their friendly on-site garden. Feeling a bit sunburnt? Just pick some aloe vera from outside of your yurt. You can even pick strawberries from the shower, where they grow along the walls. Plus, if you sit in the kitchen for long enough, Mimi the cat will come and sit in your lap. It’s just perfect, really. For more information, check out their Air Bnb listing here.