Liverpool Comes Out On Top As Most Festive City In The UK

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Seems we just can’t wait for the big day!

With Christmas being slightly different this year, how festive can UK cities really be when faced with lockdown measures and tier restrictions? Thankfully, due to the wonders of the internet, we can still do our Christmas shopping, listen to all the Christmas songs in the world and celebrate with the one’s we love via video call. Even if you’re feeling like a Scrooge, the rest of Liverpool are  feeling rather festive.

A report carried out by Sutton Manor Nursery ranked the most festive UK cities based on their Google search data, revealing the city with the most Christmas spirit and the city with the least. The nursery calculated the results based on searches for Christmas related content. The results showed that Liverpool was ranked the most festive city in the UK, followed by Glasgow, and Bradford just beat London as the least festive city.

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Other key findings revealed which cities were the most and least festive about individual search terms, which consisted of Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, Christmas songs, Christmas jumpers and also, Christmas movies.

Again, it seems us Liverpudlians just cannot wait to deck the halls and get into the festive spirit! Google search data for the festive term ‘Christmas trees’ revealed that Liverpool had the most amount of searches, beating Sheffield for the top spot.

The search data also showed that people living in Liverpool had the most online searches for the terms ‘Christmas decorations’ and ‘Christmas jumpers’. But over the Pennines and down south in England’s capital city, it seems it’s a different story as Leeds, Bradford and London are calling out “Bah humbug!” as they had the least amount of searches for these terms.

Here are the results from the report for the UK’s top 10 largest cities ranked from most festive to least festive.

  1. Liverpool
  2. Glasgow
  3. Edinburgh
  4. Sheffield
  5. Bristol
  6. Manchester
  7. Birmingham
  8. Leeds
  9. London
  10. Bradford

However, it seems us Scousers aren’t quite there on the festive front as when it came down to the number of searches for the term ‘Christmas movies’, it was the Glaswegians who had the most searches. As for ‘Christmas songs’, it was those living in Edinburgh who are in the mood to play Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé on fall blast.

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