Not One, But Two Meteor Showers Are Set To Light Up The Skies This Week

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Be sure to look up this week, it’s the Taurids and Leonids’ time to shine.

If 2020’s been anything positive, it’s been an astrological spectacle – with a number of space-bound delights lighting up our skies, from blue moons to meteor showers galore. And the show’s not over just yet, as the Taurids and Leonids are set to light up the skies all over the UK this week!

So, how come we can see the meteors? Well, the meteors are formed from leftover debris which create their own ‘dusty trails’. And when the Earth passes through them in orbit every year, we’re left with the sights of bright, colourful streaks in the sky.

Beginning tonight (November 10) until November 20, NASA advises us to look up at the sky after midnight to spot the Taurids meteor shower. According to the experts, you’re in with the best chance of spotting this spectacularly bright meteor tomorrow night (November 11)! The debris from Comet Encke earlier this month is what we have to thank for this epic display, and if the sky is clear we may just see it for ourselves.

The Leonids on the other hand, are visible from now right up until the end of the month, however, you’re most likely to see these shooting stars on November 16 or 17. Associated with Comet Tempel-Tuttle, this annual shower takes on the form of the Leo constellation and is expected to dazzle the night sky and viewers below for a brief moment over the next week – so keep your eyes peeled.

Mid-November is set to bring the best sights to stargazers, with up to 20 meteors per hour whizzing through the skies. Maybe it’s time to dust off the old tent and camp out under the stars as you won’t want to miss this!

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