7 Spells From Harry Potter That Would Make Life In Liverpool Way Easier

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7 Spells From Harry Potter That Would Make Life In Liverpool Way Easier

We’re so over being a muggle.

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if we could just use magic? J K Rowling wrote about witches and wizards roaming about London and the Scottish Highlands (or at least, it looked like the Highlands), but really, there should have been the Albus Dumbledore of Anfield or Voldemort of Vauxhall.

Seeing as Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience has arrived in Cheshire, a little over an hour away, we’ve been inspired. These are the best Harry Potter spells we think would make life in Liverpool a whole lot easier.

1. Wingardium Leviosa

Charm your car to fly up above all the others sitting bumper to bumper in traffic on The Strand, and get where you need to go so much quicker. Don’t forget though, “it’s Levi-o-sa, not Levi-osa”.

2. Impervius

This spell makes an object waterproof. Need I say more? The city’s rainfall would no longer be such an issue.

3. Lumos

Not only is it wet a lot of the time, but now the evenings are getting darker too. Now, I know we have streetlights everywhere, but wouldn’t it be so much cooler to light up a wand with a ‘lumos’ incantation?


4. Reparo

Grab your wand and head to the nearest Maccy Ds. The eternally broken McFlurry machines will be fixed in a heartbeat.

5. Expecto Patronum

Thankfully, we don’t have creepy dementors floating above the city, ready to suck out our souls and make us feel sad, but we’re pretty sure this spell would be good for generic bad vibes too. You’ll have a chance to conjure your Patronus at Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience, so check it out if you fancy giving it a go.

6. Petrificus Totalus

Stop those chip-stealing seagulls down by the waterfront right in their tracks. We’d unfreeze them after we’d finished eating, obviously.

7. Imperio

Okay, okay, this is one of unforgivable curses, but wouldn’t it be great to control the crowds on match day? Nothing sinister, just move people out the way to clear your path, is all.

Follow a trail inspired by Harry Potter spells and series – find out more about Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience here.

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