Gogglebox Are Looking For New Talent To Join The BAFTA-Winning Show

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Gogglebox Are Looking For New Talent To Join The BAFTA-Winning Show

Calling all telly addicts…

If you’re one of those people who counts down the hours at work, dreaming of the moment you can plonk yourself in front of the telly with a biscuit and a cuppa, then this might be your time to shine. The producers at Gogglebox are on the hunt for fresh faces to grace the screen and give their views on what’s been going on in television land each week. Whether you’re sucker for the riotous romances of reality shows, like to channel your inner Sherlock (or Jenny Newby) to untangle the twists and turns of a gripping police drama or find yourself springing in the air like a cat as a result of a classic jump-scare, there might just be a place for you.

Gogglebox cast
Credit: Channel 4

It was only weeks ago that the show scooped another NTA to add to their collection, seeing champagne-clutching siblings Pete and Sophie Sandiford, alongside Julie and Tom Malone, take to the stage to say thank you to their fans and pay tribute to those they had lost from the Gogglebox family recently.

With these series of tragedies hitting the show hard in the past year, there are big sofas to fill, but even the most unassuming could be in with a shot. As executive producer Victoria Ray told the Daily Star; they “like to pick people who don’t want to be on the telly.” and “it’s good when they have no filter because then they don’t second-guess themselves when they’re talking.”


So, there you have it, if you know of any camera-shy people with a penchant for speaking before they think then give them a shout. If you don’t, then maybe the next star of Gogglebox is already staring back at you in the mirror.

Gogglebox cast
Credit: Channel 4

The casting process is shrouded in mystery but the producers are sure to have their wily ways: anyone from your local butcher to your soap-loving gran could be sinking into the sofa on your television screen next.

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