The Eurovision Song Contest Will ‘Definitely’ Go Ahead This Year, According To Organisers

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The show will go on!

It’s been confirmed that the Eurovision Song Contest will take place as planned on May 22 this year. Finally, some good news! Eurovision is one of those guilty pleasures that you embrace with open arms and celebrate unashamedly, and it was cancelled last year due to coronavirus. If you can’t tell, we’re still not over it. Anyway, we have been waiting with baited breath to find out the fate of Eurovision 2021 and it turns out, the show will ‘definitely’ go ahead this spring.

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It was announced by none other than Graham Norton who commentates for the UK’s BBC coverage of the event each year. In a recent interview with US radio station Sirius XM, he said “There’s definitely going to be a Eurovision… The competition element is going to happen.” He also revealed that there may be a few alterations this year but stressed that the overall format would remain the same.

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Organisers of the contest have now officially confirmed the news, telling the BBC that “We can confirm the Eurovision Song Contest will definitely take place this year.” They also highlighted that the event may include pre-recorded performances “if a participant cannot travel to Rotterdam due to the current pandemic, or in the unfortunate instance of an artist having to quarantine on site.”

Instead of asking the acts to perform live from their home country, all contestants will pre-record their entries just in case they cannot travel last minute. In addition, they will each have strict guidelines to follow regarding their performances in order “to keep the competition fair should it not go ahead in the traditional way.”

Either way, we know exactly what we’ll be doing on May 22, 2021…

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