A Drive-In Cinema With Liverpool’s Biggest Screen Has Landed

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parking lot social drive in cinema liverpool

Socially distanced cinema awaits at The Parking Lot Social.

Jet off to John Lennon Airport in Liverpool for your next night of fun-filled entertainment without any of the hassle or turbulence. Leave your luggage, 100ml toiletries and passport at home and instead enjoy an evening in front of a big screen at this drive-in.

The Parking Lot Social has arrived at John Lennon Airport Parking in Speke, Liverpool where you can kick back, put your feet up on the dashboard, and immerse yourself in some of the UK’s favourite films or take part in plenty of fun activities. Tickets are on sale now, but you can read on for more info.

parking lot social drive in cinema liverpool
Credit: The Parking Lot Social

Despite the latest lockdown restrictions, you can still enjoy a relaxing evening in front of two 40ft screens in the comfort of their car with those in their household. During September, The Parking Lot Social is screening crowd-pleasing classics such as IT, Mamma Mia and Grease. The action kicks off before the opening titles start, too, as musical entertainment will be on hand to warm up the crowd before the film begins. Plus, there are even some late night thrillers featuring on the big screen like The Rocky Horror Picture Show. All you’ve got to do is roll up and park, and enjoy all the magic that Hollywood has to offer.

Credit: The Parking Lot Social

If you’re in need of a laugh during these hard times, The Parking Lot Social is also hosting a comedy night featuring a variety of local stand-up acts that will ensure endless LOLs in your car. So tune your radio to hear hilarious jokes and anecdotes from the stage, allowing us all to get out the house, switch off (both the engine and from real life) and come together while still keeping that safe distance apart.

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Credit: The Parking Lot Social

If you’re looking for some fun entertainment during the weekends with friends and family, The Parking Lot Social offers plenty of activities that you can take part in from the comfort of your car.  Live DJs will be on stage playing your favourites and you can sing your heart out without any judgement (maybe just from those in the car). Despite many music festivals being cancelled this year, it doesn’t mean you should miss out on a silent disco. Put on your wireless headphones and enjoy the music selection.

If that’s not enough, get your pencils ready for bingo! You could be in for the chance of winning a prize! And if the numbers aren’t on your side, test your knowledge by taking part in the themed quizzes and competing against the entire crowd of cars to win some goodies. There are two times to choose from to suit your party, the Social Kids Drive-In takes place between 3pm and 5pm, and a later drive-in experience from 8.30pm to 11pm. 

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Credit: The Parking Lot Social


All the necessary social distancing measures are in place; all cars will be parked two metres apart, tickets will be scanned through car windows, and the whole shebang is non-contact. You’ll be able to pre-order from a menu of classic drive-in cinema food too, with burgers, fries, and shakes all available for collection once you’ve arrived.

With dinner, entertainment and a film combined, all you need is the car and enough petrol, then you’ve got yourself a fabulous evening sorted.

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