‘Demolition Therapy’ AKA Smashing Things Up Is A Thing And It’s Coming To Liverpool

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We have some quite literal breaking news for you all.

If you, say, took a hammer to the TV in a fit of rage at home, it’s safe to say you’d be paying a hefty price when the fog lifts — both in replacement costs and helping repair the emotional distress it caused your housemates.

But what if we told you about a place you could do just this, where the only cost is a one-off entry payment? It even has fitting name: Demolition Therapy.

Basically, it looks fun (and apparently does actually have benefits) to smash a bunch of shit up, so we’re sure many of you are going to want in. After eighteen months of lockdown and uncertainty, who could really blame you?

ElectricalDirect are doing the lord’s work here, delivering a service we didn’t know we needed but now must-absolutely-and-at-any-cost (50 quid, between two) try out.

I guess FIFA does that to the best of us, eh?

As well as our TV-Hammer example you’ll be able to combine many other fitting pairs to get any anger out. Axe to a laptop? Yes, I think I will thanks. Golf club to an Xbox? Stop playing games with me and chuck over that weapon. Brick through a monitor? You had me at brick. I think you get the idea…

Dominick Sandford, director of ElectricalDirect, said: “It’s been a stressful eighteen months for all of us, and most of us have been adversely affected at one point or another.

Computer says no…

“While technology may have helped alleviate boredom, connect and entertain us during this time, at points, it certainly added to frustrations, as dodgy connections, people on mute, and endless screen time in lieu of human interaction added to already stressful situations.

“At ElectricalDirect, although electrical goods are our bread and butter, we recognise this reality, and wanted to do something fun about it. Thus – Demolition therapy was born.”

Look, cool advertising billboard.

Planned venues are set to reside in Liverpool, London, Cardiff, Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and Glasgow. Keep your eyes peeled for the exact location which will be revealed soon. And then pass me the crowbar.

A 30 minute session of Demolition therapy will cost £50 for you and a friend. Sign up to the mailing list here for first access on booking dates when locations are confirmed.

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