Enter The Interview Room And Help Crack This Virtual Police Investigation

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It’s down to you to decipher the truth and convict the offender in time!

So you’ve seen your fair share of crime dramas – Line of Duty, Luther, The Fall – but it’s now your time to step into the shoes of the investigative police force. Luckily, your first live case has arrived with the online police investigation experience The Custody Suite, a gripping virtual game that invites you to dissect the evidence, cross examine the suspect, and decide whether a man should be convicted of the case he’s been accused of. You have little time to waste, so find your tickets here and prepare to crack the case.

The Custody Suite

Based on the case file, the police are investigating Joseph Eastman, 36, who was brought into custody in the early hours of the morning from his house in Chislehurst, in connection with a recent blackmail case. The force has reason to suspect that Mr Eastman had a motive to commit this crime, and they have even found several pieces of video and digital evidence to back this case up. However, it’s not quite enough to convict him so you’ll have to put your detective skills into practice

This investigative online experience allows you to enter the interview room to cross examine the man in custody, LIVE. Which means you can ask him anything (within reason, remember you’re short on time) and try to read his facial expressions and those hesitations as to whether he’s telling the truth or not. But with it being a blackmail case, the suspect will doing his best to twist your story and wangle his way out of jail time. The pressure is on as the police only have 24 hours to convict him of this offence, so don’t let him fool you!

The Custody Suite

You’ll be split up into teams to tackle this time-sensitive case where you’ll interrogate the suspect live, dissect the evidence, including CCTV footage, discuss and deliberate your decision with fellow detectives before coming to a unanimous verdict as a group. Plus, there are even prizes to be won for the best detective! The clock is ticking, as you’ll only have an hour to solve the case before you potentially let a guilty man free…

No need to don the detective uniform, as this is one case you’ll be solving from the comfort of your own home, but feel free to unleash your inner detective. The Custody Suite games run on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays throughout January and February, and you can pick up your tickets with Fever. Make it your mission to get the case cracked, but be sure not to force a confession out of him though!

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