Fall Under The Spell Of Swan Lake At This Captivating Night Of Candlelit Ballet

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Ballerina performs among a string quartet and glowing candles

With a ruffle of feathers, twirl of a tutu and the stroke of a bow, the tragic tale of Swan Lake will unfold under the barrel-vaulted ceiling of St. George’s Hall on March 11. It isn’t sorcery that will be sweeping you away at this event, but the bewitching talents of a string quartet and ballerinas who will perform Tchaikovsky’s infamous work, illuminated only by the soft glow from a sea of flickering candlelight. This Candlelight concert is the perfect way to forget the worries of the world for a night and get lost in the magic of melodies and movement.

string quartet perform among candles at St. George's Hall
Candlelight Concert at St. George’s Hall, 2021

The stunning architecture of St. George’s Hall is the glittering chandelier on top of an already beautiful evening. Behind bronze doors adorned with swirling branches and goddesses, the grand expanse will have you gazing up in wonder at milky-white statues and plaster-work angels – before you take a seat and the space shrinks to just the spot ringed by candlelight. The rest of the hall will be cloaked in darkness and in that luminous spot you’ll be able to watch the string quartet and ballerinas deliver their engaging performances.

It’s not just Swan Lake who will be rearing its slender feather-coated neck this spring either. The concert will also feature the wondrous waltzes and captivating crescendos of Tchaikovsky’s other famous work: The Nutcracker. As well as other striking pieces from renowned composers such as Strauss. Over the course of the 65-minute show you’ll be treated to a collection of compelling music sprinkled with ballet performances that occur during the excerpts from Swan Lake.

Ballerina dancing next to string quartet

With every pirouette, soaring leap and elegant glissade, you will be sucked into the story of Prince Siegfried and Odette, feeling emotions swell in synchronicity with Tchaikovsky’s powerful score and leaving in awe of the performer’s talents. Make sure you are among the enraptured crowds spilling from St. George’s Hall on March 11 by grabbing tickets now.

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Candlelight: Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake & More ft. Ballet

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