10 Of The Very Best Places To Kiss In Liverpool

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The ultimate guide to Liverpool’s most romantic spots.

Paris may be the city of love as opposed to Liverpool but that doesn’t mean Liverpool isn’t too short of a few spots for a cheeky peck. From quaint, beautiful parks to places with epic, breathtaking views of the city, here’s a round up of some of the best romantic spots to discover, and kiss at, whether it’s on Valentine’s Day or not. Bucket is optional.

1. Sefton Park

With its magnificent Palm House and secluded spots near the waterfalls such as Fairy Glen, it’s a no-brainer that this park is considered romantic. Sefton Park is the second largest park in the city therefore there are plenty of places to roam with your date or loved one, whether it be on foot or on a bicycle (which you can hire from outside the park). You can watch the wildlife by the lake or chill together at the bandstand surrounded by gorgeous flowers, either way this park is rather dreamy.

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2. Royal Albert Dock

There’s just something about being by the water that can be romantic. Royal Albert Dock as the sun sets is divine. [Insert emoji with heart eyes here.] When you head down to the docks and see that view, you can definitely see why it was the perfect setting for a little romancing back in the day for all those sailors that arrived at Liverpool.

3. Panoramic 34

Looking to impress? Head up to one of the UK’s highest restaurants for panoramic views of the city to plant that first, or 1000 and something, kiss at. Plus, if you’re feeling a tad nervous about all the eye contact, at least you have an excuse to look at something else and can take in those epic views of Liverpool and beyond. And if you want to be ultra fancy then head to the 34th floor of West Tower on Brook Street for an indulgent afternoon tea.

4. Georgian Quarter

Step back in time when visiting Georgian Quarter in Liverpool. No need to go courting or promenading like they did back then, but with all those beautiful houses around Falkner Square Gardens you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a Jane Austen novel. And if a kiss here becomes a little much and starts to give you heart palpitations, you’ll be relieved to know there’s a hospital nearby.

5. Queens Avenue

This cute little arcade hidden away from the hustle of bustle is a great escapism for a mid-shopping smooch. Plus, there’s a wine shop down this street which is ideal if you want to take a bottle or two back home with you, with or without your date.

6. Liverpool  Cathedral

Head to the top of this Gothic church for unbelievable views of the city, all for free. Churches can be rather chilly so this gives you that movie moment where a jacket is offered to the chillier of the pair, opening up the possibility of a kiss.

7. St James’ Mount and The Gardens

Right next door to the Anglican Cathedral is St James Mount that’ll provide beautiful scenic views without the schlep up all those stairs. The quaint gardens are pretty romantic for a day or night time date.

8. Liverpool Central Library

Libraries can be rather boring, and rather traumatic (flashbacks of last-minute essay writing may occur). However, rather than risk getting trapped in the windy book shelves and getting to know the Dewey Decimal System rather well, head up to the top of Liverpool Central Library to their open air roof terrace. The thought of taking a book out the library never sounded so good until now.

9. Crosby Beach

Catch waves and feelings by heading north up to Crosby Beach. With the soft, white sand on this beach, you can recreate that couple getaway to the Bahamas on the cheap. And if you don’t see your date going any further, there’s always the company of the figures dotted across Crosby Beach, as part of the art installation, Another Place, by Anthony Gormley. You’ll be surprised how great they are when it comes to being a shoulder to cry on or pouring your heart out to.

10. Bold Street Greggs

Nothing says love more than when someone buys you a Greggs sausage roll (vegan or meat-variety).  It might not just be the sausage roll making your date or significant other swoon (although some of us are easily pleased when it comes to food), but a kiss with the Bombed Out Church in the background up on Bold Street could be the icing on that Chelsea bun.

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