6 Of The Prettiest Lakes And Reservoirs Close To Liverpool

Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd - Staff Writer


In need of a escape not far from home? From local dams, lakes and flashes, to other man-made attractions just outside Liverpool, check out the most photogenic lakes and reservoirs that are no more than an hour’s drive away from the city.

1. Lymm Dam

Situated close to Warrington, Lymm Dam is undoubtedly one of Cheshire’s most impressive lakes, and the area surrounding the dam is renowned for its wildlife, whilst the dam itself is a conservation area. Birds and bats are prevalent in the area and are often seen around the dam. There’s plenty of grassy areas that are perfect for relaxing with a picnic, and if you’re feeling active, there’s plenty of walking to do around the reservoir and beyond. Elsewhere, you can explore ‘The Bongs’, is one of only a handful of areas of semi-ancient woodland in the Borough of Warrington, and this is part of two walking trails- the Lymm Heritage Trail and the Trans Pennine Trail.

Drive time from central Liverpool: 45 minutes

2. Eccleston Mere

One of St Helens’ hidden gems is Eccleston Mere, and is the home of Pilkington Sailing Club. Eccleston Mere is an oasis of lake and countryside yet a stones through from the town of Eccleston. The Mere is largely hidden from general view and many would not know that it was there at all. Perfect if you want to go on a walk to clear your head. If that’s not enough, there are more lakes and reservoirs nearby, including Eccleston Top Dam. It may be an angler’s haven but it’s a great tranquil spot for walkers too.

Drive time from central Liverpool: 35 minutes

3. Carr Mill Dam

Carr Mill Dam is located north of St Helens town centre and is the county’s largest body of inland water. Boasting picturesque lakeside trails and walks, the dam is also a hub for national competitive powerboating and angling events. Once just a simple mill pond built to power Carr’s Mill, the dam had a massive expansion in the 1750s where it doubled in size. Carr Mill Dam is also the location of St. Helens’ only ancient woodland running alongside the railway line. As well as walking trails, you can spot plenty of birds by the lakeside including herons, coots and various duck species.

Drive time from central Liverpool: 35 minutes

4. Pennington Flash

Pennington Flash is a 170-acre lake formed as a result of mining subsidence and flooding. This flash can be found near Leigh, around six miles south-east of Wigan, and is a popular country park and nature reserve. The area is known for its wildlife and has eight birdwatching hides around Pennington Flash, mainly around the smaller lakes at the northern end of the park. However, you needn’t have to be a birdwatcher to enjoy Pennington Flash as there is plenty to do for everyone, including walks around the lakes, a 9-hole golf course and children’s play area. Running along the northern edge of the park, is the Leeds and Liverpool Canal which you can follow. In this area of the park, you can also see some great great sculptures. Art and culture meets nature and wellness- what’s not to like?

Drive time from central Liverpool: 45 minutes

5. Blackleach Reservoir

Under an hour’s drive from Liverpool, Blackleach Reservoir is part of Blackleach Country Park, an impressive haven with around 124 acres of countryside set around the reservoir. Located in the Greater Manchester area of Walkden, the park became the first one in Salford to become a Local Nature Reserve. Blackleach Country Park is an ideal place to enjoy the countryside, take a stroll, have a picnic, go cycling or fishing, feed the ducks, or simply watch out for the local wildlife, including dragonflies. There are good paths by the lakeside, through the wood, or further along the old railway lines, which are ideal for bird spotting or just enjoying the peaceful location.

Drive time from central Liverpool: 50 minutes

6. Yarrow Reservoir

Part of the Rivington chain in Anglezarke, Yarrow Reservoir is a breathtaking spot which is joined with two other huge reservoirs, Anglezarke and the Upper Rivington reservoir – with several others close by. The tranquil spot features lakes and reservoirs at almost every turn, so there’s plenty to see while you’re there. Nearby, visitors can check out the historical Alance Bridge, take spectacular photos at the Anglezarke viewpoint, and even venture a little further towards Bolton to see the Rivington Pike Tower and the Great Ravine.

Drive time from central Liverpool: 60 minutes

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